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2017 SATs meetings

Thanks to all that managed to attend the recent Year 2 and 6 SATs meetings.  We hope you find them informative and helpful, especially in terms of supporting your child/children through the process.

Please find attached the presentation(s) from the events.  Should you require further support please speak with your child’s teacher.

KS2 –


Parental survey 2017

Thank you for completing our recent parental view survey. The attached link will share with you our analysis to the responses and added the actions taken by school to clarify some of the points made. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you would like to discuss the outcomes of the questionnaire or if you have suggestions to support our continued improvement.

Parental Survey Analysis 2017


Parental Reading Survey – Parent Response 2017

Following the Parental Reading Survey responses that were collated in December 2016, find below how we at Wodensfield have acted upon your valuable feedback.

You suggested that we make it clear to the children that the teaching staff also enjoy reading in their own time.

As a result, we have implemented a door sign system, where the staff write down the title of the current book they are enjoying, as well as the author’s name. The children have already begun to notice these signs and staff are sharing why they are enjoying the text with their class.

Several parents/carers noted that their child enjoyed the Roald Dahl week and that they would like this to happen again. We agree that this was a success and we plan to have further author focus weeks in the future. These weeks not only encourage children to read, but also allow for some fantastic written work to be created.

It was suggested that a newspaper or magazine club would be a useful addition to the extra-curricular activities.

We are pleased to say that we already have a newspaper club that was introduced from September 2016, run by Miss Ingham and Mr Richards. We also have a fantastic Debate Club, which has been created by a small group of Year 6 children.

We also continue to invite parent helpers into school, to hear children read and ask questions about the text. This was mentioned on the survey feedback and we are pleased that this scheme is a success.

Parents/carers suggested that the children would benefit from new books being added to the corridor bookshelves and library.

We will be adding to the bookshelves following the next Book Fair during the Spring term, with some of the children helping staff select the books they would like to read.

You suggested that a Reading Buddy system should be put in place in order to help children who may not be able to be heard read at home, or who struggle with their reading.

We are delighted to say that the Reading Buddy system has been in place for many years at Wodensfield, with a selection of Year 6 children listening to children read from the Infants through to Year 4. All children will get a chance to help a younger child read through the Library Skills Social Group sessions in the upper juniors.

Feedback suggested that we could make more of our close proximity to Wednesfield Library.

As we were invited to be special guests when the library was first built, we agree and intend to create opportunities for our younger children to visit the library and view what it has to offer.

Star of the Week has been a great success since its implementation over a year ago. However, following your feedback, staff are now ensuring that Star of the Week certificates are given to children who have read well or improved their reading ability. Marvellous Me awards will continue to be given to those children who read at home each week.

The Scholastic Book Fair, which visits our school three times each year, will continue to offer our children a wide variety of age appropriate books that can be purchased during parents evening. It was mentioned via feedback that this is an important way of encouraging children to enjoy reading.


Use anti-virus software
You can get anti-virus software for mobiles as well as tablets, laptops and PCs. Make sure that you keep it updated.

Check a website is secure
Before entering private information such as passwords or payment details, look for the padlock symbol after the web address or ‘https’ in front of the web address in your browser.

Think before you click
If you receive an email from a stranger, think before clicking on a link or an attachment – it could contain a virus.

Cover your webcam
If you’re not using your webcam:

  • unplug it
  • cover the lens
  • point it at a blank wall.

Check your privacy settings
You can use privacy settings to control who sees your information. Instructions on how to do this depend on what websites and social networking sites you’re using. For more information take a look at our bullying on social networks page.

This week is – Pupil Voice Week, in association with Tootoot

Pupil Voice Week with the theme ‘It’s Good to Talk!’. The week aims to highlight the importance of talking about bullying and providing all pupils with a safe and accessible way to report their concerns, which fits well with the launch of Tootoot in school.  Parents and guardians can collect pupil usernames from class teachers, at Wednesday’s parent’s evening.

Pupil Voice Week calls upon pupils, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, councils, companies and policy makers, to join together and explore ways that we can empower pupils, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to feel confident to talk about their concerns.

The week will be celebrated nationally, and internationally, with hundreds of schools getting involved and letting their pupils know it’s good to talk.  Key stage 2 children have been asked to complete a poster campaign, relating to staying safe online, or keeping friends safe online.

Reading Help Poster Inside Reading Diaries

A reading help poster is now attached to the inside cover of all reading diaries. This contains a useful list of key questions that you can ask your child when hearing them read, as well other interesting discussion points and ideas.

Also, look out for new Marvellous Me reading badges, which will be awarded by class teachers depending on how much your child reads at home.

E-Safety tips for parents, from the NSPCC

Explore sites and apps together
Talk about what might be OK for children of different ages. Ask your child what sites or apps they like. Write a list, and look at them together.

Be positive about what you see, but also be open about concerns you have: “I think this site’s really good” or “I’m a little worried about things I’ve seen here”.

Talk to your child about what you think is appropriate – but also involve them in the conversation. Ask what they think is OK for children of different ages – they’ll feel involved in the decision-making.

Be aware that your child might talk about friends who use apps or visit sites that you’ve decided aren’t suitable. Be ready to discuss your reasons, but recognise that they may not agree with you. Listen carefully for the reasons why.

Go through a final list of sites you both agree are OK, and work out when you’ll next discuss it.

If used correctly, technology can be fun and a great learning resource. 

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