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1st June Update

22nd May 2020

COVID-19 Update: Possible re-opening to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 Pupil

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you are all well and able to make the most of the sunny weather we have been experiencing. I apologise in advance for the complexity of this letter, in which I aim to detail the provisional plan and the role you as parents play in supporting the school community if a return to school is confirmed by the Government on the 28th May.

A risk assessment for the possible reopening has been completed and a plan developed, in consultation with the Governors and Local Authority, in preparation for a possible reopening. The plan has at it’s core a safety first principle. It has to be a flexible, incremental and an evolving plan that enables all pupils if at home or school, to access a balanced curriculum. Online learning will continue to be available for all pupils until the end of term.

For clarity, I have bullet pointed the key points for your information. Further information will be available on the school website on Friday 29th May. You will also be contacted via Marvellous me to inform you which “bubble” your child will be in and which member of staff will be supporting them. The Local Authority will also be writing to every parent in the city over the coming weeks.

Monday 1st June will be an INSET day, in order for staff to receive safeguarding updates and make the final preparations for the return of more children from 2nd June. However, school will be open for children of Key workers on 1st June. Regardless of the year group your child is in, if you are a key worker continue to book places using the online form.

Following a comprehensive risk assessment, Wodensfield is able to offer two days per week for each child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from the 2nd June.

Monday and Tuesday : Reception S, 1B, 6I

Wednesday:School closed for cleaning

Thursday and Friday: Reception E, 1T, 6R

School open for key workers and vulnerable children Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Each class will be divided into three groups of ten children, based on friendships. They will have their own room and be with a familiar member of staff.

We will not need to stagger the start and end of the day as will be using all of the gates to access the site. All access points will be clearly indicated and a photo plan will be available on the school website, in order for you to familiarise yourself and child.

We ask all communication with the school office and teachers is via email or telephone. Again, this is in order to ensure effective social distancing. Please continue to use the year group emails and the office email if you have any questions regarding learning etc.

Additional measures are listed below:

· Separate drop off and collection points for REC,Y1 and Y6. This will negate the need for a staggered day.

· Only 1 adult can come onto site to bring and collect Rec and Y1 pupils.

· 2M markers have been placed along the designated routes.

· Y6 pupils will enter via Vicarage Road. Parents will not accompany them down the alley or come onto the site to collect. Parents should arrange a meeting/drop off point along the route to school.

· Y6 pupils will enter the site at 8.45 and walk straight to their designated room, using both 5 and 6 cloakrooms and 6R external doors.

· All children will wash their hands when entering the site and at regular intervals during the day.

· Hand sanitiser, tissues, cleaning spray/wipes will be available in every bubble.

· 10 children per “bubble” with 1 adult. Children will remain with the same member of staff, except at lunchtime, when they will again have a designated member of staff with them.

· There will be 10 chairs and 10 tables in each classroom. Classroom will look very different. Photographs of the necessary changes to the site will be available on the school website. I suggest if you intend to send your child to school, you share these with them and discuss the changes before they return.

· Children will have their own equipment. This will be cleaned daily

· Soft toys, cushions etc, have been removed from classrooms.

· Only 1 child at a time can use the toilets.

· Children will not be bringing personal items into school. Pencil cases, fabric lunch bags, reading bags etc.

· If a packed lunch is provided from home, it must be in a plastic lunch box or carrier bag.

· Children do not have to wear school uniform. Sensible shoes/trainers and clothes that can be easily washed. No expensive football kits, designer clothes.

· PPE- gloves, aprons, masks will be available for all First Aid, and intimate care.

· There will be no infant free fruit until September.

Finally, despite the measures listed above, together with the additional planning and preparations that have taken place over the last two weeks, I cannot guarantee that all risks of COVID-19 are eliminated. All of the staff at Wodensfield want nothing more than to have children safely back in school. We really appreciate, the challenges families have risen to during lockdown. However, the safety of the Wodensfield community has to be the priority. I am confident that you as parents and carers will continue to work closely with us to support children to the best of our ability, whether in school or at home.

Please visit the school website on Friday 29th May for further information. Please make time to enjoy half term.

Yours sincerely

S. Walker (Mrs)


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