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Ancient Greek Day

On Friday 25th June, Year 4 went back to Ancient Greece! The children (and teachers!) dressed up in chitons and himations to take part in Greek activities.

We started the morning with Maths – we tried a STEM challenge, thinking about the strength and position of Greek columns, and an ancient board game called Tabla Lusoria. After Maths, we sung a variety of Greek songs with Mr Barrett about Ulysses, Penelope and the sirens. Next, we got creative with clay, looking at Olympic medal designs and creating our own. Once these medals are dry, we’ll be painting them and adding ribbon.

After lunch, we tried some Greek food – feta cheese, pitta bread, sea-salt crackers and olives. Finally, we went out onto the field to try some Olympic activities with a Year 1 audience, who had been working hard on their mosaics.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and learnt lots more about Greece and the Ancient Greeks.

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