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Black History Month in Year 6

Black History Month (BHM) is held each year in October, to promote the history and contributions of Black communities. It helps us to understand the present through our past.

In our Guided Reading sessions, we read a biography of Barack Obama and learnt about the contributions he has made to American politics. We created a collaborative piece of artwork, with each child decorating a rectangle to add to the collage.

In English, we read a biography of Muhammed Ali before researching our choice of famous Black person. There was a wide range of subjects chosen from Rosa Parks to Will Smith, and Ronald McNair to Kadeena Cox. Finally, we used formal and informal styles of writing to create our biographies.

In Art, we studied the work of Kimmy Cantrell, an American artist who creates sculptures and collages with a focus on asymmetry. He said that imperfections tell stories that are far more compelling than perfection. We used his artwork as inspiration for our own mask collages.

Enjoy these pictures of our artwork!

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