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Bye Bye Little Butterflies! 🦋

Today with the help of 1MP and Year 2 , we said farewell to our special guests in 1A. Thanks to Imogen's mom, we have been able to observe, learn and enjoy our special guests. Having the caterpillars here in class have been amazing. The children have been able to see their Science learning come to life.

Here are a few thoughts from some children in 1A:

Willow: "I felt happy for the butterflies, because they need freedom." 

Michelle: "I felt sad because I didn’t want them to go."

Ralph: "I felt happy for them to leave and create their own life, because they need their own life!"

Evie: "I liked them, I didn’t want them to go."

Imogen: "They were beautiful."

Nicholas: "I am glad they will be able to build their own homes and play with other butterflies."

Oscar: "I didn’t want them to go, but it was nice that they were able to get some fresh air."

Hunter: "I really loved the colour on their wings, they were beautiful."

Thanks for tuning in, Year 1 families.


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