Distressing video

You may be aware that there are reports of a particularly distressing and graphic video circulating social media at the moment. The original video appeared through Facebook Live and has been shared through the usual social media channels, particularly Tik Tok.

There are currently numerous videos referencing the original content and urging others not to access it. However, it appears the video is being reposted, often disguised as something innocent.

Please be aware that social media platforms are apparently doing their best to take the video down - however, it is likely this will be a difficult task and therefore there is the potential for children to come across it.

We teach children that they should be using technology in the presence of parents/carers, or with parental controls, and always report any worrying content to a trusted adult. Attached is a useful guide to TikTok including parental controls.

Remember if social media is affecting your mental health, you can unsubscribe, block, report or uninstall.

Download PDF • 600KB

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