Year Group Curriculum Plans

The curriculum at Wodensfield can be defined as what we actually provide for the children having due regard to the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage as well as providing aspects of the curriculum which takes place outside of the formal program. During the academic year, children and parents/carers are invited to attend a variety of meetings based around our curriculum. These informative sessions cover reading, writing and mathematics; not only giving an overview of content for each year group, but also enabling parents/carers to purchase study guides and take home exemplification material in order to be able to help their child continue their learning at home.

The curriculum includes the organisation and methods of learning used by teachers; and reflect the aims of the school. A copy of which is available in the prospectus and on the school website.

The education of the children needs to be a partnership between school, pupil and parents/carers and the wider community.

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