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At Wodensfield, we recognise that reading underpins all aspects of learning across the curriculum and is the most fundamental skill that children need. This is why the teaching of reading is extremely important at Wodensfield.



Throughout Foundation and Key Stage 1 (KS1), children listen to carefully chosen stories designed to inspire their love of books and reading, and to develop their understanding of how books work.  They develop their comprehension and vocabulary through role-play and guided discussion. Even before they can read independently, Reception children have take-home books for their parents to read and enjoy with them.  They work in small groups at school to enjoy their books and learn basic book language.


Phonics and early reading   

At Wodensfield, we follow the Read Write Inc. (RWI) programme for the teaching of early reading. RWI is an inclusive literacy programme for all children from Reception to Year 2 who are learning to read. Children have daily lessons where they learn the 44 common phonemes in the English language and how to blend them to read and spell. The scheme includes both a reading and a writing focus. As children progress through the programme, they learn to apply their reading skills and become confident and independent readers who are able to comprehend capably. Children on the scheme are assessed regularly (each half-term) which allows them to progress effectively. It is the intention for most pupils to have completed the RWI programme by the end of KS1, however any pupils still requiring phonics/reading practise will continue with the scheme.

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Further information about RWI phonics can be found here:

Read Write Inc. Phonics - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training

Parents - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training (including videos on Understanding Phonics, How to say the Sounds, and Sound Blending)


Learn to read with phonics | Oxford Owl


Reading scheme

As part of the daily RWI reading scheme, children will read books that match the sounds they are being taught in RWI lessons. These are fully decodable. When they have a basic understanding of phonics, they will also progress onto a colour-banded book scheme.  Children progress through the book bands experiencing a wide range of quality, engaging texts including fiction, non-fiction, rhyming books and poetry. We possess a wide range of publishers and schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Cambridge, National Geographic, Bug Club, PM and Heinemann. These are matched to each child’s assessed needs and interests.

Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl  Oxford Owl for home, includes a free eBook library with books to read and quizzes.

Oxford Reading Tree & Levels: parent guide | Oxford Owl


Whole-class guided reading

When children have completed the RWI programme they progress into whole-class guided reading lessons. At Wodensfield, our guided reading journey teaches children comprehension skills, through structured teaching around the different reading domains, such as retrieval, summarising and inferring meaning. This domain-led approach enables children to tackle engaging and challenging texts with an effective understanding. The fortnightly journey incorporates opportunities for collaborative discussions leading to independent application of the taught skills. To conclude the fortnightly guided reading sequence, children complete a Big Read, where they can apply the skills they have been taught through an independent comprehension activity. This forms part of a wider assessment cycle in reading.


Reading to an adult

Each week, every child from Nursery to Year 2 will read with/to an adult in school and we ensure that reading books are carefully matched to ability and which engage and motivate pupils. Some children (including older ones) may require more one-to-one reading support or specialist reading teaching. Once children are able to decode and become more independent in their reading, teachers continue to hear children read, but provision may vary depending on their needs. Some children will need more one-to-one reading support or through other interventions, such as echo reading or small-group work. Children are also heard read in their whole-class guided reading sessions.


Oxford Reading Buddy

Oxford Reading Buddy is a digital reading service to help children develop important skills in reading and to encourage them to read more no matter where they are, whether in school or at home. It contains hundreds of digital books from Oxford University Press’s well-known reading series including Project X and the Biff, Chip and Kipper stories from Oxford Reading Tree. It also offers special Coaching eBooks to develop comprehension.

Further information about Oxford Reading Buddy can be found here:


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Reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure is always encouraged: pupils have access to a variety of books within each phase (corridor shelves). In addition to this, every class will visit either the KS1 or KS2 library regularly in order to select other reading materials to supplement their daily reading book. At parents’ evening, a book fair is held, where parents and children are encouraged to browse the books on offer and teachers are happy to recommend appropriate books. We encourage our parents to support their children throughout their reading journey by listening to them and discussing the book at an appropriate level. We also celebrate reading for pleasure through other methods such as: actively engaging in World Book Day; hosting and participating in reading initiatives; praise assembly awards; and offering extra-curricular clubs.

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