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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

At Wodensfield Primary School, we aim that each child should achieve their best.


This aim is to develop each child academically, intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially so that they are able to fulfil their true potential and are prepared for the next stage in their education leading towards adulthood.

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The Graduated Approach


The graduated approach is how we support all of our children through their school journey. It is defined as: 

'an approach refers to the system of SEN support within mainstream settings. It is the system by which schools should assess the needs of children and young people and then provide appropriate support.'

We follow three waves of support: 


  • Universal: this is where children receive quality first teaching with support in the moment from members of school staff. 

  • Targeted: this is where a child is identified as needing support in areas of their understanding (e.g. spelling, timetables, relationships) and specific targets and strategies are put in place to help. 

  • Specialist: this is where there is a specific dominant need that needs specialised support. This will often mean that referrals are made to outside agencies allowing us to identify specific targets and strategies to meet their needs. 

During the targeted and specialist waves we use an assess, plan, do, review cycle to ensure our children make progress at their own level and for targets to be achieved and changed depending on need. Within our setting this is known as an Individual Support Plan (ISP) and are completed every half term. 

Please see below, where you will find our SEND pathway (how we identify students with a potential need) as well as an overview of our whole-school approach. 

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