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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Curriculum
Through our graduated approach ways and means to support our children are identified. For specific targets we use interventions to support achievement. These includig:
  • Sensory Circuits (gross motor and regulation skills)
  • Fizzy fingers (fine motor skills)

  • TTRockstars (times tables)

  • Plus 1 (maths intervention to support number facts)

  • Priority Readers

  • Reading Fluency

  • Writing Support

  • SNIP Spellings

  • Spellings Groups

Our ISP process provides us  the opportunity to review targets and groups that allow us to support our children to continue to progress throughout the year. This is supported by outside agencies including Outreach and Speech and Language Therapists.

For more information on the graduated approach and our ISP process please click here.

As a part of our practice, each classroom (and some communal spaces) have ‘Regulation Stations’. This is as a space that can be accessed when dysregulated using fidget toys, colouring, breathing exercises etc. to support the understanding and identification of different emotions.

All children learn in different ways. We endeavor to provide a supportive stimulating environment that allow all of our children to learn and achieve their best. Below are some images of our children accessing resources and different environments that are used as part of our everyday practice.

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