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Year 6 SATs Revision

With SATs happening in May each year, students and parents often ask for additional homework to help with revision out of school. We have pulled together the information below to support parents and children in preparing for the SATs, however we believe it is important that children take some time at home to relax and unwind so they do not feel overwhelmed or overworked in readiness for the tests.


More specific information about the SATs will be released to parents nearer the time of the statutory assessments.

Top tips...

  1. Read as much as possible at home. This can be books, newspapers, magazines or online pages. All types of reading are useful and are a great way to learn new vocabulary and develop your skills as a reader. You could even try reading to a younger relative and practise your fluency and expression.

  2. Time tables! It is essential that you know your times tables up to 12x12 so you can be quick and accurate in your calculations. One of the best ways to do this is to access your TTRockStars account from home. If you have forgotten your log-in details, speak to your teacher at school. 

  3. Break your revision sessions down into small, regular chunks (e.g. 30 minutes a night). Doing a small amount each day is far better than doing long, full days, where you may not remember everything you do. You also need to make sure you have time to relax and enjoy being at home.

  4. Don't panic. You have absolutely nothing to worry about; SATs week is just a normal school week with the addition of a few tests. In school, we do practise papers anyway, so you know what to expect. If you have any questions or worries about SATs week, please speak to one of the Year 6 teachers. 

  5. Finally, we only ever ask you to try your best. Remember our school moto is ‘Aim to be the best you can!’

Here are some helpful websites and downloads if you are looking to do some extra revision at home:

Useful Websites
English (Reading and SPaG)
English (Reading and SPaG)
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