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Ethos & Values


Our Vision

Aim to be the best you can

To inspire and motivate all children to achieve their full potential by participating in a broad balanced, inspiring curriculum, to enable them to be confident citizens and make a positive contribution in the wider world; enabling them to become the best they can.

Aims of Education in Wodensfield School

We aim to provide a stimulating environment where children learn self-discipline, self- respect and social awareness in co-operation with adults and children. Our focus on the development of language and skills necessary for life is designed to enable pupils to access a broad and balanced range of educational opportunities, whatever their sex, race, ethnicity or special circumstances.

We aim to make learning at Wodensfield a stimulating experience for children, encouraging them to take pleasure in educational challenges. We aim to promote the development of each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, creative, moral, ethical and physical attributes. We nurture inventiveness, originality and creativity at all stages of the educational process enabling pupils to make a positive contribution to all aspects of school and community life.

The school recognises the need for all adults who take part in school life to be well trained and knowledgeable about teaching and learning, the child and the school, in order to make a positive contribution to all learners in our school.
The school values the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers to support their children to become the best they can.

Values of the school

School will:

  • Place the children at the heart of all that we do

  • Support Our Staff

  • Ensure we are committed to widening participation, equality and diversity in all activities

  • Embrace appropriate change with enthusiasm

  • Develop a constructive self-critical ethos in order to enhance the quality of our work

  • Encourage environmental responsibility through all our activities 

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Headteacher: Mrs S Walker

Wodensfield Primary School
Woden Avenue
WV11 1PW

Telephone: 01902 556350