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Year 1 - WILD Zoological Park

Year 1 had the best day at Wild on Monday. They began with a spring in their step, beaming with excitement from ear to ear. The coach journey was smooth, albeit very chatty, the mood had an energy that something magical was about to happen...and it did!

We were welcomed by Millie who took us to the canopy where we kept our bags and coats. After that, we explored the zoo where we were greeted by lorikeets, stared at by meerkats, spoken to by parrots and educated and entertained by the Wild Wonders animal show where facts and  personalities of the animals were displayed. 

Wild presented their dinosaur show which literally jumped out at the audience, leaving us with a potent smell.

The most breath taking of all, was the 'Wild Wings (free flight) Bird Show'. Cranes, Pelicans, Owls, Macaws, Eagles, Kites, Vultures and Kookaburras.  The sky was filled with feathers, cooing and a kaleidoscope of colour. Truly amazing!

The children were golden and they loved every second of it! We are super proud of them all 🙂

On the journey home, we heard, " That was the best day ever!" At that we knew the day was a success!


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